Did You Know?

The District’s Financials Continue to Strengthen!

The School District’s financial situation has improved over the past several years

The District has increased revenue 46% over the past 5 years while maintaining a positive fund

balance. Since June 30, 2015, the District has added almost $1 million dollars to the fund

balance. By increasing revenue, the district has been able to reinstate previous pay cuts to

teachers and staff and start to increase wages, add several new and innovative programs, fix

buildings and driveways, purchase new furniture and equipment, go one-to-one for elementary

students with new iPads, new computer labs in all buildings, upgrade security equipment and for

the first time ever, transport our elementary and middle school students to school by bus.

Standard and Poor rating improved from an A- to A


Independent Audits

The District has received clean financial audits for the past 5 years during independent audits

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